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We Are Open!!!

Current enrolled families check your email for new Covid-19 hygiene/safety procedures.
Open enrollment 2020-2021, please give us a call for any question. Read more


Providing positive social-emotional environment for your child.

All what you need to know about VPK Program

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Our Mission

Our mission at Kinder Club Academy is to serve as a learning center that provides exceptional care for children in a safe and healthy learning enviroment.

We love providing hands on experience to learn science, math, music, literature and social and emocional concepts.

We guide each child into developing at his/her own rate ecouraging him/her fully enjoy every day's new challenges.

Our Vision

It is our commitment to our community to raise a generation of children with solid fundational skills and a need for curiosity to solve problems.

We strive to teach by playing, allowing each child to explore trough getting messy, trying new things, making new friends, and learning vital social skills along the way.

Our rol as teachers is to introduce new concepts and provide the enviroment to acquire new skills.

At KCA we bring in unique experiences to create a dynamic learning experience.

We aim for all children regardless of their initial abilities to accomplish our curriculum.


Our Caregivers

Are dedicated and experienced in early childhood professionals.

Curriculum plans are supplied keeping you informed of your child's program.

We give center specific news letter that highlights upcoming activities and events.

Our staff is required to mantain up to date with Florida State Requirement and Guidelines.

Every staff member at KCA is certified in CPR and First Aids.

Our center operates under the recomended teachers to child ratio to allow a better supervicion of children and greater safety.

About Us

It is a child development center providing quality child care setting.

We guide each child into developing at his/her own rate encourage him/her to fully enjoy every day new challenges.

We seek to help children in our care trough a play and learn enviroment, that support their physical and social needs.

Children will participate in a variaty of activities.

These activities are base on developing the entire child.

  • Learn every day curriculum.
  • Bright start curriculum.
  • Early literacy enhancement program.
  • News letter and Monthly calendar.
  • Reminders Parents App.
  • Family Engagment activities.
  • Healthy breakfast, lunch and snack.
  • Florida free voluntary pre kinder garden program
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Grab & Go Meal Program Every Tuesday for our enrolled families.